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    Four Common Annual Tests Reputable Veterinary Clinics In Stevenson AL Recommend For Your Pets

    Your pets cannot communicate disease symptoms to you and will usually conceal the signs until the advanced phases of the disease process. For this reason, annual laboratory tests are essential to understanding the complete health status of all your pets. Routine lab tests play an important role in giving your pet the best and longest quality of life, even in healthy young pets. This post highlights the essential annual test your pets should get from reputable Veterinary clinics in Stevenson AL.

    Complete Blood Count

    A complete blood count, commonly known as CBC, checks all the cellular blood components, including platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Analyzing the CBC results helps us detect changes related to bleeding disorders, cancer, immune disorders, inflammation and anemia. Completing this test yearly enables our veterinarians to detect changes in your animals with any clinical signs of a disorder. Also, we use this test to check the progression or resolution of some diseases. For instance, veterinarians may order CBC recheck after an antibiotic treatment to see if the infection has cleared.

    Blood Chemistry

    Assessing blood chemistry is an essential aspect of annual wellness exams to help identify early changes in overall health and organ function. Any organ damage of disease creates an imbalance in some blood components that we can measure through a chemistry panel. Changes in the blood levels of some substances may indicate various disease processes that need veterinarian attention. Some conditions that can create imbalances in blood substances include diabetes, endocrine disorders, liver disorders, kidney diseases and electrolyte imbalances.


    A urine analysis is a simple test usually sent alongside other blood work samples in our veterinary laboratory. Our lab experts assess the urine based on the concentration, PH and turbidity. We may also order the technicians at top-rated veterinarian in Stevenson to evaluate the evidence of proteins, crystals, white and red blood cells and glucose concentration. Our detailed pet urinalysis results can help us detect a wide range of diseases, including kidney disorders, gallbladder stones, diabetes and other systemic diseases.

    Intestinal Parasite Testing

    We may request you come with a stool sample from your animals to screen for intestinal parasites before the annual checkup. Our lab specialists test the stool for the presence of intestinal parasites like roundworms, coccidia, giardia, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. These parasites inhabit pet gastrointestinal tract and cause various intestinal diseases. Proper detection and treatment in animal clinics near me are essential as these parasites and transmittable to humans.

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