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    How We Help Your Pet At Our Veterinary Medical Hospital In Stevenson AL

    We all want the best for our precious fur friends but accidents happen and as our pets age, they’re prone to chronic problems such as arthritis. When you notice a change in their behavior and physical condition, it’s time to come to our trusted veterinary medical hospital in Stevenson AL. We offer various supportive and surgical services that you can learn about in our guide below.

    Knee damage is an injury that affects dogs such as border collies, pitbulls, and retrievers. One of the most common leg conditions is cruciate ligament injury, which makes it hard for your dog to use the affected joint resulting in toe-touching, limping, and whimpering because of pain. At our clinic, we perform cruciate ligament surgery to repair the damaged ligaments and stabilize the leg for improved mobility.

    In addition to knee surgery for dogs, our local veterinarians provide intervertebral disc disease surgery to help pets with spinal issues and limited movement. Other surgeries that we offer include spaying and neutering. If you are concerned about your pet undergoing anesthesia, rest assured that our top team of technicians will monitor their progress throughout the procedure.

    Animals that have received surgery will receive post-operative care from our experienced and professional team. Every pet left in our care will be monitored around the clock and this includes the provision of pain medication to keep them comfortable and calm. Along with our attentiveness, we are passionate about providing the best for every pet and treating them with the love and care they deserve.

    From cats and dogs to hamsters, if pets need regular checkups or emergency care, our animal clinic can help. We are equipped with specialized surgical equipment, post-operative care facilities, and a certified team of professionals who love all animals. Speak to us for all of your pet’s healthcare needs and we will assist with rapid and trusted services.

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