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    What Does An Examination By A Veterinarian In Stevenson AL Entail?

    Every pet that goes to the local vet for a consultation will receive a physical examination. The professional veterinarian in Stevenson AL goes out of their way to make pets and their owners feel comfortable during this process as they check the ears, eyes, and overall body condition. Let’s learn about the importance of a veterinary assessment and what it involves.

    A veterinary exam is a necessary part of keeping your dog, cat, and other pets in good health. During this assessment, the vet will look for abnormalities in the skin, eyes, ears, and overall mobility. This helps them to detect changes that include acute and chronic diseases at the earliest possible stage for the best prognosis.

    At our veterinary clinic, pets will meet with our licensed vets who will check their ears for signs of dirt and their eyes for changes in the condition of their sight. Both dogs and cats can contract ear infections along with ear mites that cause severe irritation and complications if left untreated. Eye diseases such as cataracts can be detected at the earliest possible stage while other changes in sight that are linked to breeds such as Boston terriers and pugs can be effectively managed.

    Other areas that we look assess include the abdomen, lung, and heart. We can’t always tell what is happening internally with our pets unless they start showing symptoms and by then many diseases have already progressed. By listening to the heart and palpating the abdomen, problems such as heart murmurs and an enlarged spleen or fluid-filled abdomen can be determined.

    With the assistance of our skilled technicians and dedicated vets, we help you raise a healthy and balanced pet. You no longer have to look for top rated vets near me when you schedule a consultation with our compassionate and experienced team. Keep up to date with your pet’s veterinary exams and detect disorders early while keeping their vaccinations and general healthcare in check.

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