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    Why Early Detection Matters At Stevenson AL Animal Hospitals

    Every pet deserves high quality medical care, whether a regular checkup or treatment of a sudden injury. At Stevenson AL Animal hospitals, we provide general care for all pets and we emphasize the importance of regular veterinary checks to identify possible abnormalities before it causes significant problems. Let’s explore the importance of visiting your local veterinarian and why early detection in pets matters.

    Pets as young as two years old can develop odd lumps and bumps that become irritating over time. In some pets, particularly senior pets, a lump could be an indication of a cancerous tumor that requires treatment before it grows in size and spreads. Many pets’ lives can be saved with early intervention by removing the detected cancer prior to it causing complications.

    Our veterinarians perform full physical examinations to look for signs of injury and chronic disease. Professionals detect changes in skin condition, signs of ear infections, or deteriorated eyesight. Our vets assess dogs and cats for mobility issues that could be a sign of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint disorders that cause pain and restricted movement.

    A visit to our animal hospital in Stevenson AL provides access to our sophisticated diagnostics, in-house aftercare, and dedicated staff. We believe that by providing pets with regular veterinary checkups, many ailments that lead to limitations and discomfort can be addressed through tailored intervention programs. We offer therapy for pets, surgery, recommendations for weight control, and the treatment of chronic conditions.

    All animals deserve regular vet visits because it protects them from a poor quality of life including pain and chronic diseases. We perform a variety of examinations to determine the cause for symptoms or changes in behavior and provide a treatment plan and program to facilitate recovery and relief. As one of the top local animal hospitals, you can easily schedule your pet’s next appointment with us and our friendly staff will assist.

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